New Online Gambling in the Bahamas?

August 29, 2013


The Bahamas is a beautiful destination for families, newlyweds, couples young and old and in the near future, for online casinos, if approved. Thousands of people venture to the islands every year because of the awe-inspiring natural beauty and for some gamblers, for the world class casinos that dot the more than 700 islands making up the region. Travelling to the Bahamas is a seasonal thing though because of the many tropical storms, hurricanes, and violent weather that plague the country every year.

Online Gambling in the Beautiful Bahamas

The casino industry suffers during this time which can more often than not last up to months at a time. This has made top casino executives in the industry to move for online casinos and online gambling sites that would be an alternative to the brick and mortar locations. The main figure behind the initiative is Mr. Uri Clinton, one of the representatives from the famed Baha Mar Casino and Hotel who relates, "During the hurricane season, when nobody wants to travel to the Bahamas, we still have thousands of employees to support, we still have hundreds of local vendors and contractors to pay.” Online Casinos and gambling may be the key to bettered economy and various operators from around the world are ready to pounce on the idea if approved.

The Bahamas' Prime Minister Mr. Perry Christie is in support of online gambling in the country, understanding that it could potentially bring well over $20 million from tax revenues.