New Jersey Say Yes to Online Gambling

January 8, 2013

The on-line gamblers of the New Jersey can rejoice once again as the state assembly has already passed an on-line gambling bill that is going to legalize online gambling in the state.

The bill has reached the Senate when the state assembly cleared it with a majority vote of 48-24-4 on Monday. As the Senate has already declared that it will approve the bill by voting on Thursday, the signing of the Governor Chris Christie remains a mere formality for the bill to become a law.

One of the most active sponsors of the bill, State Senator Ray Lesniak showed his full confidence on the phone interview that the bill will be surely passed by voting in the Senate on Thursday as we are all tied up and ready to get it approved.

There are some rumors, indeed, that the Governor Christie may again veto the bill. Governor Christie has already vetoed a similar bill passed by assembly way back in January 2011 by a majority vote of 63 to 11. This time the bill even got less support from the Republicans due to the governor’s veto last time.

Senator Lesniak explained that decreased Republican interests or support for the bill can’t be interpreted as an indication that the governor will veto this time as well. In fact, last time they all supported the bill but the governor disapproved of it. His intension can be interpreted either way and this time, he may sign the bill even there is less support from the Republicans.

Lesniak looks extremely hopeful that this time the bill will successfully go through Governor Christie to become a law, and many states will follow the same. Delaware and Nevada are still considering the gambling option and only providing on-line poker games.

However, he showed full confidence in stating the sooner than later that states will understand the benefits of on-line interstate gambling options, and the residents of the United States will have the option of online gambling.