New game releases at Omni Casino

April 15, 2013

The New game releases continue at Omni Casino, This week Omni will deliver you over 40 new hot and juicy casino games! Here we will review some of the great new games:

The Ghost Rider Slot

Ghost Rider online slot is based on the Marvel character, Johnny Blaze, who was the protagonist of the 2007 film, Ghost Rider. The top jackpot in Ghost Rider slot is 10,000! However, like all of the Marvel games at Omni Casino, Ghost Rider is linked to the four tiered Marvel progressive jackpots slot, where you get a chance to win hundreds of thousands! With lots of bonus features, stunning graphics and game play, Ghost Rider is sure to be a BIG hit at Omni Casino.

You should check out the $15,000 Marvelous Slot Tournament where you can also play this game and participate in the tournament.

Viking Mania Slot

This cartoon-style video slot has a theme which is based on several different funny and amusing Viking characters. We can tell you that they are funny and will keep you entertained! While a cartoon based slot, the graphics and game play are amazing. With two bonus features and expanding wilds, this game is a lot of fun to play! The most fun we had was playing for the Viking Playtime bonus round game. You choose a weapon from the bottom of the screen to throw at your friend. You will earn cash multipliers depending on where your weapon lands on the wooden target. We found that the bonuses values are superb!

Wilo Games

From the name you'll probably already assume that these are no ordinary Olympic games at Omni Casino! The comic line up of wild animals is sure to delight you while providing hours of entertainment at Wild Games Slot. A 25-line game, Wild Games offers you FIVE awesome bonus features. There are so many ways to get a bonus feature it's not possible to list them all here. Try it this weekend and have fun!

Thor Scratch Cards

Thor Scratch card is a scratch card game with bonus action. The Thor scratch card at Omni Casino allows you to play up to up to 15.00 a game card and this scratch card has a very good bonus feature that does appear often, making it action-packed and interesting. What we liked most was that when you play the game is the graphics, sounds and of course the very good payouts! You just have to try it this weekend.