New e-Wallet Option at Winner Casino

April 29, 2014

With several different sections to the Winner site, like Sports, Poker, Casino and Bingo, a new Fund Transfer facility will make things easier for customers who play across the range.

Winner Casino is just a part of a big 'full-service' online betting site. A comprehensive sports betting section, live in-play betting, Casino, Vegas, Games, Live Casino, Slots, Poker and Bingo are all offered, and many customers use several of these depending on what they want to play at any one time.

A new facility should make it far easier for people to track exactly where they have moved their funds to and from, across the whole site.

Fund Transfers at Winner

The new Wallet, or Fund Transfer, is a simple way for users to move their money around, giving them separate balances at each section that can be seen at a glance. It only takes a few clicks, with players selecting via drop down boxes where to move their balance from, where to transfer it across to, and how much they wish to move. If they have a promotional code, there is also an option to enter it during the process, and it's all done within one, easy to understand box.

At present, this facility cannot be used to move money across to Winner Poker, and only Casino bonuses can be viewed, although it is hoped that these will change in the near future.

Fund Transfer is an innovative idea that should prove to be of great benefit to many Winner customers. With quick movements of money, and instant access to see what is available to use at each product, this will help anyone who likes to bet and play across a range of platforms, while keeping a close eye on their bankroll.