Less bonus, but more money, at Video Slots Casino

May 24, 2014

Video Slots' lowered wagering requirement lets more players benefit from the bonus

Video Slots Casino has announced changes to its Bonus programs, and we think other casinos should pay attention because they are addressing a problem that has made bonuses unattractive to some players. Here’s the change at Video Slots Casino - from the original 100% Welcome Bonus, up to $1000 with a standard 40x wagering requirement, the new Welcome Package is:

  • 11 free spins and $10 free upon registration  
  • 100% Bonus up to $200, with just a 20x wagering requirement.

The free spins and free $10 on registration will let players get a taste of the casino before they decide to commit further - this is standard practice for online casinos, and it isn’t so unusual. What’s newsworthy here is the 100% Bonus with a lowered wagering requirement.

Although the bonus is now only up to $200, instead of $1000, the wagering requirement has been halved – which means that players can withdraw money sooner. If you’re not familiar with the concept of wagering requirement, it’s the amount of money you have to bet before you can withdraw your money. While it might be nice to get $1000 instead of $200, you would have to wager 40x $1000 before you can withdraw your money. This deal may be fine for high-rollers, but the truth is most players simply don’t have that much floating around. At 20x $200, players actually have a fairly good chance to walk away with their winnings.

Video Slots’ new bonus terms are helping casual players to benefit from bonuses again. Instead of being sucked into bonuses with expensive terms, here’s an opportunity to get more value from a smaller sum of cash, and then simply take the extra money home.