Game in Spotlight: Under The Bed

May 16, 2013


Under The Bed is a game that takes you down memory lane where you were a child thinking that there are monsters lurking under your bed. This game is a great one for beginners and its layout is simple and sweet. If you are the type that likes short and sweet games than this one is the right choice for you!


As a player you are transported back to your childhood days with one sole task of killing the monster that is secretly lurking under the bed. This monster has the potential to harm your new baby brother that has arrived recently. The gameplay is interesting to keep you engaged especially if you like short and simple games.

The environment of this game is good however it could have been made better. The player does not have many objects for interaction and the settings of this game are limited to three spare rooms minus the closets. The player had a game that is presented in a simple manner and he is given midnight to fulfill the task of killing the monsters.

The environment is sufficient for the gameplay and it is not necessary for the player to expand the environment at all. This game has a long time-limit and you get the chance to play longer than the duration that is rendered in other games. In fact, as a player you can also make elaborate preparations for the arrival of the monster.

Easy And Engaging

The main plus point for this game is that it is easy and engaging for the player. The puzzle of the game is not complicated and it is neither time consuming or too long. The main reason for this is the objects for the player to interact with are less.

The player hardly faces difficulty from collecting and using the items however there are limited resources you should be wise to use when it comes to playing the game to your advantage. Most of your actions can be intuitive as the gameplay is successful to give you that feeling. As the game progresses there are some areas that can be baffling and the fun lies there.


This game really does not have cons to be pointed out. In the beginning it is just the simple efforts of a big brother trying to protect his newly arrived brother from imaginary monsters that he thinks are under the bed.

As a player you can either get absolute failure or complete success. The game is unpredictable and the fun lies in the thought that you never know when the monster is ready to come out of the bed to harm the baby. There is however a word of suggestion that this game could have been made better if it could delve in the storyline a little deeper.


If you wish to be a child again and be transported back to those days when you were a kid you can try out this amazing simple but short game and get a wonderful experience.

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