Cosmic Fortune Blasts Off at BETAT Casino

December 2, 2014

The sky is the limit with Cosmic Fortune slots at BETAT Casino!

Net Entertainment has created an adrenaline-loaded, space-themed slots game called Cosmic Fortune. BETAT Casino players will get first crack at this top notch slots game. This exciting new game showcases incredible graphics and a wide range of out-of-this-world features for players to enjoy. So strap yourself in, and get ready to blast off in an exciting outer space adventure with Cosmic Fortune.

Features of Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune is a 5 reel, 15 payline progressive jackpot game with a total of 5 different jackpot levels. Two of the jackpots are standard prizes as they do not grow in size, but the other three are progressive jackpots which will continue to grow until they have been won. The jackpot game is a pinball-style game that requires players to collect coin pods. Players can either collect coin pods or hit the target three times to win one of the available jackpots. There are also scatter symbols which will trigger the Free Falls bonus game when at least 3 of these symbols appear on the reels.

Cosmic Fortune Free Falls Bonus Game

The Free Falls bonus game is a pinball-style game that features a space man who drops silver balls. These balls will hit various planets and other objects which cause them to move around the screen. Players will want to capture the coin pods that are scattered across the screen. These coin pods contain different prize amounts. In addition, some of the coin pods can even trigger the jackpot game. The cosmos awaits – get ready to blast off with Cosmic Fortune!