Claim Extra Funds with Slotty Vegas Casino's Supercharged Wins

January 18, 2018

Slotty Vegas Casino's Supercharged wins are a new concept that allows players to add more money to their bankroll on top of regular winnings.

Slotty Vegas Casino's Supercharged Wins have arrived and they promise to make every spin of the reel better. This original concept is likely to win the hearts and minds of players, because they essentially claim more cash with each winning. The extra funds are added to their bankrolls whenever they place a winning bet, which effectively increases the payout ratio. The games pay out roughly 30% more, which makes it easier for players to stay profitable in the long run.

New members who have just registered an account will qualify for Slotty Vegas Casino's Supercharged Wins when playing their favorite games. Having said this, the player rank also matters and loyal clients reap the best rewards when they strike a winning combination. The casino takes into account the selection of games and will even bump up the Supercharged rate for players who haven’t won in a while. This process unfolds in real-time, so unlucky players get more money during their winning rounds.

Win Even More with Supercharged Promotions

For limited periods of time, the Supercharged winnings are increased twice as much, as a part of ongoing promotions. The best part is that both real money and bonus funds qualify for triggering these extra profits. Twice per week, players will have a chance to redeem their winnings and will have exactly 7 weeks to claim the additional money. The two checkpoints are set for midnight on Tuesday and Friday and Supercharged winnings come with no play through demands.