Churchill Downs Inc. Requests An Online Gambling Licence In Nevada

January 8, 2013


Churchill Downs Inc. is a gambling and racing company from Louisville. It wants to expand into Nevada by receiving an online gambling licence in Nevada.

Yopp Norris is a spokeswoman for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. She doesn’t yet know when the company will receive its licence.

More than 30 companies have already applied for an online gambling licence in Nevada.

The main goal of the Churchill Downs Inc. is to provide online poker service. This sector is going to be legalized across the country. This means that it will likely lead to an economic growth as more companies and businessmen get into the market.

The US Justice Department and the US government are more relaxed towards gambling. Nevada is one of the first states that is going to allow online gambling games. The poker groups are pushing and lobbying hard on this matter.

Companies interested in the market have already started to invest money into it. For example, Churchill Downs has acquired last february Bluff Media which is a poker fan website and magazine from Atlanta.

The company is also about to lunch this summer an online gambling mobile app called . At the moment, the app is going through beta tests that are preparing it for the official lunch.