Bitcoins Taking Over Online Casinos

August 26, 2013

The differences between land-based casinos and online casinos are vast and with a closer look between the two it looks as though online casinos have the upper hand.

Online brands don't need the immense staff that a casino resort does, they don't need physical, material objects to wow their customers and don't really need fancy marketing gimmicks to bring new players in their virtual doors. Although currently online gambling is a grey area in the US, with American operators required to host their brands in other countries.

Online gambling is approximately a $4-$6 billion market which is not just some chump change and it is for this reason that the new Bitcoin gambling options are becoming so popular.


The anonymous creator of Bitcoins remains that way but his/her company SatoshiDice. Recently sold for $11.5 million Bitcoins Crypto-currency. The party that purchased SatoshiDice is a foggy area as well but they have definitely done a lot of forward thinking before making this deal.

Bitcoins in Online Casinos

When you walk onto the floor of your favorite brick and mortar casino you are required to change your cash into the casinos chips. This is a tradition that has been used for many years and studies have shown that it makes gamblers bet more than usual because they do not resemble cash. The entire concept of Bitcoins are still entirely new and Justin Pincar from BitSaloon relates, "My personal take on it is that people don’t view it as real money yet. We have seen people raise their bets based on the amount of time they've spent on the site, which makes sense, as they’re building trust that we’re legit.”

You will definitely be seeing a lot more of the Bitcoin in the near future and rest-assured the top online casinos in the world are already on board.