Avoidable Blackjack Mistakes

January 23, 2013

Although, there is no concrete evidence, but most historians come to the conclusion that blackjack was introduced ancient Romans.

Refined over several generations, the blackjack now enjoys a massive multi-billion dollar turnover across the globe. Despite being a very simple game, it can be quite tricky and whether you are a novice or hard-core professional, you may make some common avoidable mistakes. The choice remains entirely yours, whether you want to play the game by relying on the elusive grace of your luck or refine your skills to gain deeper insight into this universal blackjack faux-pas.

Ignorance Most Certainly Isn’t Bliss

As a rule, you should understand the rules of blackjack applicable in a particular state or casino before jumping into play blackjack or might feel the need for the first cocktail while playing. Even though, the New Jersey state makes it mandatory that every table in casino, including Atlantic City shall operate under universal rules, but unfortunately, the universal rules are hardly applied across the states or online casino. There are considerable variations in the applicable rules, and it can cause a change between your wins or losses. For example, while some tables might keep everyone on hold, other tables may accept the deal and allow the players to draw on a soft 17. If you are unaware of devotions on the particular table, you should not hesitate in asking a casino staff or a fellow player otherwise your bet might be already doomed before the game begins.

Relying on a “Feeling”

Most of the gamblers give importance for recognizing the subtle tells or using guts in playing a hand of poker. In poker this may be the case for getting ahead, but the blackjack is entirely different in many aspects of the game, and therefore, the players need to master their winning formulas and strategies instead of using the basic instinct. You should carefully analyze other players winning strategies, understand the rules of the game and apply your customized tactics to win the game rather than simply relying on imaginative sixth sense.

Learn About the Value of Doubling Down

Most of the players avoid doubling down as it might quickly exhaust their chips or bankroll. However, when applied with proper tactics, even this horrible idea can work for you to quickly improve your bankroll. For example, suppose you are holding a ten and three making it 13 and the dealer is showing a five. This means that you will only bust in case the cards come out to be a face card, nine or ten. In such a case of high winning probability doubling can be quite a good idea, and the dealer might either hit a soft 17 or bust. You can always use this kind of opportunity for a bigger win if you got such a situation.

Betting Higher to Cover Your Losses

When faced with a disastrous losing streak, many gamblers decide to raise the bet to recover the losses under panic from dwindling bankroll. This might cause a quicker loss of money if your luck doesn’t favor you. Therefore, instead of emptying your money many more times, you should continue betting rather conservatively and control your anxiety that reflects your losing concerns. If your luck starts favoring you, and you feel comfortable for higher bets, then only pump up your bets. However, you should always learn to leave the hot table at the right time before you lose everything.

An “Even Money” Strategy

A bad idea is indeed a bad idea, whether it is denoted under one name or another. In the case of blackjack too, it is known as even money, which is a kind of buying insurance and walk away in the event of dealer’s ace yielding a blackjack. In such a rare case, a walk away might be a good idea, but you should also realize that you also give away your chance of getting 3-2 blackjack bonus you might have gained by laying down on Ace and winning the game. Therefore, your refusal of insurance can be a very good idea.

So, if you want to try your lady luck, the online casinos offer a very exciting gambling entertainment. However, before you take a plunge into this arena, always begin with checking blackjack rules, use your own strategies, and give due considerations before applying the double and accepting insurance, and learn to leave the hot-table for fun at some other day by online gambling.