81% of the Americans are against Online Gambling Prohibition

January 8, 2013

online gambling site ordered a survey on how Americans perceive online gambling and if they are for or against online gambling prohibition.

The survey found that most Americans, 81%, do not support online gambling prohibition.

Lawmakers say that online gambling is dangerous and immoral. Most Americans believe the opposite.

Wes Burns is the owner of CasinoFYI.com. He declared: “It's no surprise really. The ban on online gambling is ineffective and hypocritical. The ban has done nothing to stop online gambling and has only served to push the market underground.”

The survey was answered by more than 4,000 internet users. Most of them agreed that the legalization has to be done at the state level. 41.6% said that each state should decide on their own. 24.9% responded that online gambling should be legalized at the state level. 18.9% said that online gambling should be banned. And 10% responded that online gambling should be legal and not taxed at all.

6.4% of 1000 people said that they had gambled in the past year. 93.6% said that they didn’t gamble in the past year. This shows that most people do not gamble and still support the legalization of the online gambling industry.