The classic yahtzee game is avilable online, all you need to do is get the best dice combinations and...

Yahtzee is an amazing game to play with family and friends. The roll of the dice plays an immense part in the game. There is also a lot of strategy involved to help you secure more wins. The game can be played alone or in a group. The group version involves players playing the solitary version together with the highest score that wins.


The history of the Yahtzee game dates back to 1950 when a wealthy Canadian couple invented the game and called it “The Yacht Game” because they played the game on their yacht. The friends of the couple enjoyed the game so much that each of them wanted their own copy. This led the couple approach toymaker businessman Edward S Lowe to package the game with the intention of giving them away as gifts. With the passage of time Yahtzee attained a registered trademark and was bought by Lowe who retained its ownership till the early 70’s till the Milton Bradley Company purchased it. Over the years the ownership of the game has changed hands with the current owner being the Hasbro Company.

Game Rules

Once the players have the dice face the desired combination they want to score, they click the radio buttons of either the lower or upper scores box. Once they score in a category, it is closed in the entire game and they do not have a chance to make any changes to it.

How To Play

This game consists of 13 rounds. In every round you need to roll the dice and score the role in one of the 13 categories. You must score once in every category that means at the end of the game you need to settle for scoring zero in specific categories. This score is determined by a different rule for every category. The objective of the game is to maximize the total score and this game ends once all these 13 categories have been scored. 

Scoring Options

The rules and the scoring categories are different for the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish versions.

* The bonus for getting 63 points or more in the Upper Scoring Section is 50 points
* There are “One Pair” and “Two Pair” categories that score the total of the pair/pairs involved. For the Two Pair Category the pairs have to be distinct, there are four-of-a-kind counts used only for One Pair for two of the four dice that are having the same face. 
* The Three-Of-A-Kind and Four-Of-A-Kind categories are scored by the total of the required number of the same faced dice. 
* Small Straight and Large Straight have the same definitions similar to the parent game. 
* Full House scores the total of all the dice
* There are no Yahtzee bonuses and succeeding Yahtzees can be scored to other categories with the exception of Two Pair, Full House and Small Straight/Large Straight that under same scoring limitations.

Online Yahtzee Games

Thanks to the Internet you are now able to play the popular board game of Yahtzee online. There are many online gaming websites that host the game and you get the excitement of playing the traditional game and winning the maximum number of points with success. You have to visit the game website and register in order to start playing on the internet. There are many to opt for and most of them are free!