Yahtzee Strategy

It will be hard to find a game as unique as Yahtzee offered in Online Casinos. The aim of this article is to lay down some basic strategic tips so you will fare better in the game, hopefully winning, rightfully gaining the luxury of shouting out loud "Yahtzee!".

Bet high and early

Right in the beginning of the game, you should make sure that you fill your valuable spots on the score card – this is to assure that the rest of the game will be less expensive for your score tally. Rolling small wins like "ones" or "twos" will not bring much benefit to you, therefore you should try to go as far as you can when you begin the game, this is of course, a game of odds, but with a higher tally in the beginning, your chances will be much higher. Aim for the upper level bonus – 35 points is a big difference, and three of each rank will reward you with 63 points.

Use sequences wisely

You should always strive to score a minimum number, three of each. That could be sixes, fives or fours. This is similar to betting high as in Yahtzee it is wiser to let out your "Big guns" in the beginning and not to conserve them for later on, the more you get, the quicker in the game, the merrier.

Lower level is just as important

Your biggest goal should be scoring a Yahtzee. This is achieved by the first player who rolls a five of a kind; therefore one should conserve his Lower level for you could easily lose the chance of scoring 50 points should you use your zeroes. In other words, you never know when you are going to need these lower numbers, and this is why it is recommended to aim high first, these lower numbers can sometimes be the difference between a Yahtzee and a stroll down disappointment lane.

Make a wise conserved use of the Chance Box

Some Yahtzee players have a nasty habit of simply dismissing the Chance Box. This does not benefit them. What some don't realize is that the chance box operates a great chance to maximize the points you could get; unlike the onslaught on high points suggested earlier, here, like with the lower numbers, you should practice patience; a good roll on the Chance Box could easily have you shouting "Yahtzee!".