Yahtzee Rules

Yahtzee is a very popular game which can be played by anyone, with fairly easy rules and an easy learning curve. Yahtzee is so popular that it has its own "Yahtzee Manifesto", and a Global Yahtzee Institute, dedicated to promoting the benefits of Yahtzee worldwide. In online casinos Yahtzee is usually found in the "Specialty games" section. This article aims to give the lowdown on basic Yahtzee rules. As an abstract explanation of its rules isn't enough, it is highly recommended to try the game in Practice Mode available in many online casinos, as there is no substitute to directly experiencing the specific game of Yahtzee.

Yahtzee Rules

A regular game of Yahtzee is played over the course of 13 rounds, with a corresponding scoreboard with 13 categories attached for players from which they select where to place their points. During each round, players roll the staggering number of five dice. They are able of re-rolling some of the dice again, or re-roll all of the dice altogether. On the first roll all five dice must be rolled. In total only three rolls are permitted per turn. The total tally of numbers he has gained from his deciding rolls is calculated as his score.


The following is a list of combinations and sequences with the amount of points they give the player, these are usually applicable in online casinos and are divided into the Upper Section and the Lower Section:

Upper Section

The upper section scores work with summing the number of die faces matching individual boxes. Scores you can achieve in the Upper Section are the following:

Twos – Value of all dice showing 2. Same applies for Threes, Fours, Fives and Sixes.

Players can gain an additional bonus of 35 points provided they have at least 63 total points in these categories.

Lower Section

The combinations here come from the world of Poker, featuring very specific value requirements:

3 of a Kind – Three of the same number + added value of the remaining dice.

4 of a Kind – Four of the same number + added value of the remaining die.

Full House – Pair + Three of a kind – 25 point.

Small Straight – Four dice sequence – 30 points.

Large Straight – Five dice sequence – 40 points.

Chance – Sum all dice. Sum is often used as a discard box for turns not fitting in other categories.

Yahtzee – Five same numbers – 50 points. Players who've scored one Yahtzee can score additional 100 points for any other Yahtzee they get during the game. The additional Yahtzees can be used in the Lower Section as wild cards, only if the Upper Section box has been rightfully filled.