Yahtzee Glossary

Yahtzee Glossary Terms

Box - A specific category of points on the Score sheet.

Chance - A point category. When you roll chance, you sore the total of the five dies.

Dice - Five dice are involved in a Yahtzee game, determining players' points.

Lower Section - A part of the Score Card. When you bet on Lower Section, you're aiming for a fixed amount or zero.

Roll - The total sum of points of your Dice rolls, written down in its allocated category/box.

Score Card - A sheet on which the Game results are written and tallied. It has 13 categories (also called boxes), and it is divided into a Lower and an Upper section.

Upper Section - A part of the Score Card. Betting on the Upper Section means you're betting on a specific die face.

Yahtzee - Rolling 5 of a kind, giving the roller 50 points. Any additional Yahtzees credit the lucky roller with a 100 point bonus.