Yahtzee Game Tips

Yahtzee is a popular game that depands mostly on luck however there are ways to enhance...

If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends and family at home you can opt for playing a popular board game like Yahtzee. This game is not just an affordable game but it is very enjoyable to play with as well.

This board game is a popular dice game where you can earn as many points as you wish by rolling five pieces of dice to create combinations with corresponding scores. There are about 13 corresponding rounds where the player can try to score as much as possible. When a specific combination has been used in one round it cannot be used again. There are several scores for combinations and the highest score of the game is 50.

Yahtzee Game Tips

Yahtzee is a popular dice game that depends mostly on luck however not all of this game is luck. The following are some things you can bank on to enhance the player’s chances of winning and these tips are as follows:

  • Chances should not be wasted early- You can place anything in chance however it is not wise to waste that space too early. In case you have rolled something you cannot put somewhere else on the game board you should place it there. All chances for rolls you cannot use somewhere lisle should be saved.
  •  The upper section concentration- You should focus on filling the upper section of your sheet first. It should be noted that if you get a score of 63 in the upper section you can get a 35 point bonus that is always good.
  • Bad rolls- Bad Rolls do take place and in case it happens to you, they should be placed in your chance box. If the chance box is already filled you should place a 0 in one of the yahtzee boxes or in some other box so that it is hard to get.
  • Attempt yahtzee with high numbers- If you play with high numbers and miss you might be able to use and place it somewhere else like a chance in the upper section and still get some really good points.
  • Go in for second yahtzee- there are odds against the player that he/she will get a second yahtzee however that does not mean you should never try. You often get a 100 point bouns if you get another Yahtzee so it is wise and prudent to get as many as you are able to get. In case you miss you have the option to fill in the points as something else.

Thus, the above Yahtzee game tips will help you in a large way to be successful in the game. You should remember that there is an element of luck involved when you are playing. With the aid of the above simple and practical tips you will get a player edge over the others in the game. They are very simple and easy to remember so the next-time you play, do use them.