Winning Online Roulette

Online roulette has two different versions of wheels with numbered slots called “pockets” - European roulette and American roulette...

In this Game Guide: Factors in Measuring Probabilities, Probabilities of Different Bets, Tips for Losing Less, Winning More.

Because every spin in roulette (both land-based and online) is an independent action which does not influence the outcome of future spins, developing a “system” for winning is nearly impossible. However, online roulette is a game of fixed odds and it is pretty simple to calculate probabilities.

Factors in Measuring Probabilities

Online roulette has two different types of wheels with numbered slots called “pockets” – numbers 1 to 36 plus “0” (European roulette) or “00” (only on American roulette). Thus, there are 18 red and 18 black pockets totaling 37 for European roulette and 38 for American Roulette. When measuring probabilities, consider these:

The non-zero slots: Given a 38-slot wheel, you can only hit 18 out of 38 possible wins for a winning probability of 18/38 or 47.37% and a losing probability of 20/38. If you bet $1 on every game lost, you win $1 on every game won. Based on the probabilities, if you play 380 games, you’ll win $180 and lose $200, that is, $20 (remember $20/380?).

The zero slots: The seemingly minor difference in the zero pockets translates into a big casino advantage: the house advantage with the European wheel is about 2.70% - much lower than the 5.6% house edge with the American wheel.

Probabilities of Different Bets

Unlike a coin toss where there is a 50/50 chance of getting head or tail, in online roulette, the probabilities of different bets are different. These numbers, based on the single-zero wheel European roulette (the probabilities are lower in the two-zero American roulette) tell the story.

2.7% probability – winning the bet on a single number, the lowest probability of success with the highest return on the bet

5.41% probability – winning a bet on two numbers

8.11% probability – winning when betting on three numbers

10.81% probability – winning when betting on four numbers

…and so on.

Tips for Losing Less, Winning More

· Minimize risks – place your money on even-money bets in a European table.

· Know the roulette probabilities before starting to play.

· Probabilities could be skewed computer-based systems – consider using live tables.

· Worried about the house edge? Put your entire bankroll on one bet to reach your goal.

· If some colors or numbers occur repeatedly or sequentially, bet on opposite results.