Wheel of Fortune Strategy

Wheel of Fortune is deeply influenced by the exceedingly popular American TV show...

While the Wheel of Fortune is fundamentally a game purely based on luck, it is possible to lay out a few points one should keep in mind while playing, for the sake of having an experience that is more fun, thoughtful, and hopefully – gainful as well!

Play with logic

A standard Wheel of Fortune in an online casino features 54 different boxes, that is to say that a player's odd of hitting one of them is 53:1. $1 is the most common number on the Wheel of Fortune; therefore, a player's most reasonable gamble would be to bet $1. $1 is the most likely number to come up, hence by all means it is to be considered the safest wager. Even if your wager is higher, your safest bet would be to bet on $1, with a 44.4% probability of winning. It is very important to note that the house edge on the Wheel of Fortune ranges from 11% (on $1 bets) to 24% (on Casino or Joker bets).


Whether you are losing or winning, the most advisable thing to do playing the Wheel of Fortune specifically and generally in an online casino, is to set very strict and clear limitations for yourself.

Playing in an online casino is a very comfortable experience but at the same time it can be deceiving, as you don't physically hold any chips; the lack of the physical aspect of the gambling experience can push you into unanticipated loss. Therefore you should set your limits and follow them, winning limits and losing limits alike, for it would be a shame to lose all your gains just because you had to make that extra bet; strict limits are great for your health, both in playing in an online casino and in life in general.

Have fun

Again it is important to remember to take the game lightly and view it as a rewarding fun game, whether we lose or win. Enjoying the game is the ultimate reward you'll get! Ultimately, the Wheel of Fortune is a game of fun, and among the variety of gambling games online casinos have to offer, it is the most "non-gambling" like, rather it is mainly aimed at having fun. This is not surprising when keeping in mind that, originally, the Wheel of Fortune is deeply influenced by the exceedingly popular American TV show which bears the same name.