Wheel of Fortune Rules

Wheel of Fortune, also sometimes called "Money Wheel" and "Big Six", has different variations in different casinos but the main premise usually stays the same. The rules for Wheel of Fortune are basically very simple. In general, Wheels of Fortune in online casinos are built out of boxes divided into segments consisting of different amounts of money.

Other than the amounts of money different online casinos and brick and mortar casinos alike add their own special flavor with jokers and casino logos, which yield cash prizes or other prizes.

The Wheel of Fortune has an indicator which ends up pointing on a specific segment whenever it stops spinning. When one bets on the Wheel of Fortune he is betting on the segment on which the indicator will point when the spinning stops. If, when the wheel stops spinning, the indicator lands on the segment on which the player has placed his bet, he'll get the amount he has placed his bet on multiplied by the amount of the bet. For example, a $5 bet on $1 will yield an even amount of the original wager, meaning a win of 5$.

In brick and mortar casinos, a Wheel of Fortune operation will always be considered valid and legit only if the wheel has spun for more than three times, therefore Dealers should really be able to invest their power in pushing that glorious wheel. Also, the wheel needs to be spun flawlessly, without any interruption whatsoever, any interruption of the spinning wheel of fortune, eg someone decided to touch it or a bypasser grazed it by mistake, makes the bet and the spin invalidated. Thankfully these things do not apply in online casinos where everything happens in an utopian world where nobody can disturb the peaceful operation of the spinning Wheel of Fortune.

It is common for Wheels of Fortune to have 54 different boxes which are divided into different segments, a number of 6 to 8. The most widespread amounts Wheels of Fortunes have go from 1$, to $5, $10 and $20. Of course there are different online casinos offering different antes and amounts and these numbers can vary, but generally, because Wheel of Fortune is a game which is almost solely based on luck and the emphasis is put on fun and experience, wagers that can be made are not so high as in some other online casino games.