Video Poker

The main difference in the variations that one will find in Video Poker around the globe is mainly the payout schedule...

Video Poker is a great way to learn the basics of the game, have fun, and win money in a potentially less intimidating setting than at an actual poker table in a casino. Video Poker first appeared on the scene several decades ago and has since become increasingly popular at casinos around the globe. The stakes in video poker are typically much less than in real-time table play. If you know the basics of poker, you are likely to experience a more enjoyable round of Video Poker and increase the odds of winning more hands.


Various Poker Games from which to Choose

Video Poker can be an entertaining and rewarding form of poker entertainment. And it doubles as a great way to win lots of extra money. There are different versions of Video Poker including the single hand game and the multi-hand game that may have three or more hands. In the single hand version, a player is able to play with 1 to 5 coins with a varying total of $.05, $.25, $.50, and $1.00. The max bet is typically 5 coins and the payout schedule will be highlighted on the video screen. The payout will be dependent upon the coins that are played on each hand which allows the player to see precisely the amount that they stand to win. 

In a multi-hand game of Video Poker, wagers will be played with 3 or more hands and with the following options of ‘triple play’, ‘five play’, ‘ten play’, fifty play, or ‘one hundred play’. Players can bet 1 to 5 coins in each hand and after the initial base hand is dealt all new draws will be from a new deck of cards than that of the base. 

A  Pay Table gives players the option to ascertain exactly what coins are played and precisely what the payout will be if the hand matches one of the winning combinations listed on that pay table.   Cards are drawn on a random basis and players then have an option of discarding one or more of the cards and will subsequently be dealt new cards in place of the discarded ones. 

The Ins and Outs of Video Poker

The main difference in the variations that one will find in Video Poker around the globe is the payout schedule. Hands are ranked the same for most video and online options from highest to lowest. Common payouts may begin with a pair of Jacks, as in “Jacks or Better” Poker. In the Deuces Wild variation, all 2's - regardless of suit - will be ‘wild’. Another version called ‘10's or Better’ offers payouts starting on a pair of 10's. A more complicated variation which is found far less frequently is ‘Bally’s All American’. This version offers an increased payout schedule for straights and flushes but on the flip side, there will be a reduction in payout for a full house or two pairs. 

The order in which cards will be ranked is typically highest to lowest. The following list represents potential combinations in this rank order; five of a kind, royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, and one pair. It is highly recommended to play Online Video Poker on the sites or machines that offer the full payout. If you are dealt a weak hand, it is best to discard the entire hand and wait for the next one. One last piece of advice is to bear in mind that the payout will always be greater when the maximum number of coins, which is usually 5, is played.