Video Poker Tips

Easy to game and very profitable Video Poker is similar to land Casino Poker except for...

Video Poker is easier to play than most gamers think. The basic rules of Video Poker are very close to those of land casino poker play. One obvious difference is that in Video Poker your opponent is a computer. Jackpots are waiting for those who follow a few simple tips. Poker strategy and playing smarts go a long way in this game.Video Poker Winning Tips

For starters, play carefully and take your time. Set your loss limit before you begin. There are Video Poker sites that offer free games. Take advantage of
that offer, and practice the gaming details free of charge.

  • Play only at Video Poker machines that provide high payouts.
  • Keep in mind that bluffing in Video Poker is not possible.
  • Know which cards are wild and what triggers that characteristic. Also, familiarize yourself with the result for certain hands in various games.
  • There are cards that make up the four card flush. Those cards should always be held.
  • Learn the winning patterns.
  • To make the Ace an alternative, hold the 4's. Play the lower cards to facilitate the accumulation of 3 and 4 of a kind.

Playing the Game of Video Poker

The player receives five cards from a 52-card deck. You have the option of keeping any or all of the five by pressing the “hold” key for each of the five cards that you decide to keep. The win or loss is determined by the deck’s last card. Your screen shows the amount won. The thrill of Video Poker is at your fingertips!