Types of Bets In Keno

Way Bets are a way of placing a number of 'groups' of numbers on one card...

Unlike it's skilled gambling cousins blackjack and poker, Keno is essentially a game of luck and is very similar to lotto. As a player, you will simply need to choose which numbers you believe will be drawn. If those numbers come up you have won. The more correct numbers you predict are drawn, the more you win. However, whilst simple in concept, Keno does have a number of bet types including more exotic ones. 

The Types of Keno Bets

Standard Straight Keno Bet

Standard Keno bets are very simple. This single game involves choosing which numbers you think are going to be drawn. You can generally choose a minimum or maximum amount of numbers that you think will be drawn. You can play up to fifteen numbers at a time on a draw of 20 numbers.  

Keno Way Bets

Way Bets are a way of placing a number of 'groups' of numbers on one card, allowing for more games to be played from one ticket. There are a number of way bets available. A popular way bet is 3x3x3 which gives you three sets of three numbers that you can win with on one ticket. This is basically the same as playing three single games of three numbers each. If any of the groups of three numbers are drawn you win! Similarly there are many variations of the way bet offered, for instance 10x10x10x10. This may sound a bit complicated at first but it is very simple once you find the type of bet that you have good luck with. 

Have fun!