Top 10 Online Roulette Tips

Bet on known information. Look out for the result of the previous few spins and carefully observe the table...

Online roulette players, here are the Top 10 tips and tricks, in no particular order, to help you beat the odds and maximize your luck.

1.Go Europe

Choose European roulette rather than American – a European table has one zero and increases your chances of winning, while an American table has two zeros and boosts the chances of the house.

2.Avoid getting cheated

Play only in a casino that’s licensed, regularly checked by trusted online gambling authorities, and equipped with computer programs can’t be biased or fraudulent.

3.Set and manage your bankroll.

Before even starting to play, set your bankroll – and stick to it. Don’t risk all your money on one spin and don’t bet more than the stake money.

4.Bet wisely.

The chances of winning and losing are the same. So, play with small chips and don’t risk big sums. Avoid Straight Up bets which pays out 35:1 and opt for Even Money (1:1) or Column or Dozen bets (2:1).

5.Practice, practice, practice

Most online casinos offer a fun money mode. Check out the rules and the software or try on a free practice table – to see how different systems or strategies work – before moving on to cash tables.

6.Beware of roulette systems that offer stable wins

There is no such thing because roulette is a game of chance – all results are random. Beware also of computer systems that purport to increase your odds – they are ineffective and mostly illegal.

7.Be observant

Bet on known information. Look out for the result of the previous few spins and carefully observe the table for any patterns of a number.


Such bet may carry only marginal profits, but the certainty of walking away a winner is reason enough to make such a bet.

9.Know where the “cash” is

Understand the deposit and withdrawals structure. Check out the bonuses: Beware of terms-and-conditions-heavy mega bonuses and impossible-to-achieve betting requirements.

10. Play for fun

Enjoy online roulette when you win and avoid getting frustrated and angry when you lose. Most of all, know when to keep playing and when to leave the game.