Three Card Poker

The game itself is played with one deck only. By rule on one table can play up to seven players and the dealer...

The Three Card Poker is one of the most popular card-based games played in casinos. It can be played of course in other formats, such as online gambling. It is one of the most beneficial table games, when talking about the generated money; they can be won by the player or by the casino as well.

The earliest notes about the Three Card Poker are appearing in the documents from the 16th century. In fact the origins of this game are still a mystery as well as the origin of the Poker itself. Actually it is a poker game that is played with three cards only. The rules of the Three Card Poker were included in Hoyle’s rules of games only in 1983.
The game entered into the casino life in 1994, and the gentleman who brought the Three card poker game t

o the stage was Derek Webb. In the begging also other names were used such as Brit bag and Casino brag. The first entity that was dealing with marketing of the Three card poker was the so called “Prime Table games” established by Webb. In 1999 Shuffle Master bought the rights of the Three Card Poker, because of its great potential for commercial success. Nowadays it can be found in many major casinos throughout the whole world.

The Three Card Poker is based on putting your hand against the dealer’s one. It is a fast- paced game that has simple rules and it’s easier compared to other table games played in casinos. The Three Card Poker is a hazard one that provides easy-to-learn strategy and the opportunity for fellowship between the players on the table.

The game itself is played with one deck only. By rule on one table can play up to seven players and the dealer. The players sit around a table that is specially designed for Three Card Poker. Each of the players has his own space on the table that has areas for three bets. The bets are called: ANTE BET, PLAY BET, PAIR PLUS BET.

Next to each one of these areas there are charts that show how much the player would win if certain hands are dealt.

The game starts with shuffling the deck. After that, three cards are dealt to every player with the face down. Three cards are dealt the same way also to the dealer. The players can’t discuss their hands between each other.

Usually players don’t try to hide their hand form each other and to see the other player’s cards. This happens like that because every player plays against the dealers only, so the cards of the others are not matter of interest. 

In the Three Card Poker you need to compare your hand with the hand of the dealer. It can be done by using hand ranks that are different than the one in the regular poker. The hand ranks are chartered from the highest to lowest. The basic specifications are that every Three-of-a-kind is higher than straight and flush; and that every straight is higher than flush. The most important specification is that every hand that needs more than three cards is impossible.

The use of only three cards actually makes it comparatively hard to get three-of-a-kind or a straight.
In the Three Card Poker as mentioned already there are three kinds of bets. Each one of these bets has its own payout and rules. The Ante bet must be made before dealing the cards, the player sets the wanted amount in the space on the table marked as “Ante”. The amount of the Ante must be between the maximum and minimum bets on the table.

The Ante bet can give the chance to make Play bet later in the game. If the player gives up his hand he or she can still win the Ante bet only if the hand is higher than the dealer’s one. The Ante bet gives the opportunity to win the so called Ante bonus witch is payed if the player’s three cards are straight, three-of-a-kind or flush. After the player has made the Ante bet he/she has the right to make a Play bet.

The player must decide if to make a Play bet only after looking at his cards. The amount of the tree additional cards must be equal of the amount of the Ante bet. The Play bet is based on pitting the player’s hand against the dealer’s. This happens only after Qualifying the dealer’s hand witch must be queen high or higher. What is very important to remember is that the Ante bonus after all is won separately and independently.

The Pair Plus bet has is not connected to the dealer’s hand. It’s a bet that the player’s hand is composed by a pair or higher. If the player wants to make this bet he/she must put the desired amount on the marked for this place on the table. The player must decide if to do the Pair Plus bet before dealing the cards.
Before starting playing make sure that the specific regulations of the casino or online game fits you including the payout of course. The basic strategy for a beginner is to play any hand that is Q64 or higher all the rest just fold.