Three Card Poker Strategy

Due to its simplicity and ridiculous fun factor, Three Card Poker is slated as one of the most popular Poker variants available in Land Based and Online Casinos alike. This player favorite has a certain magic in its reliance on only three cards and the swiftness in which games are carried out. The aim of this article is to provide some basic strategies for you to gain the edge in your game.

What you get is what you work with

Keeping in mind that we are playing a luck game, it is always important to get as good as a hand as possible. Of course, this is something neither we nor anyone else for that matter, except maybe for the higher forces above, have the power of assuring. But a key principle for any Three Card Poker game is to make the best use of the hand he was dealt, as bad as that specific hand can be, never despair. In terms of actions, there is not much to do in Three Card Poker once you are dealt your hand; either you bet or you retreat. The most ideal hand you could use, and with which you should bet, if dealt, is Queen – Six – Four. If you are dealt this or higher, most odds are in your favor.

Should I stay or should I fold now?

A question asked by many, everyday, everywhere. Should you stay or fold? Look at your hand. Do you have a good pair? Is the ante acceptable, meaning that a loss would not inflict a hard hit upon your payroll? If yes, stay. If not, forfeit. You'll lose some but you won't lose everything. A large part of mastering and winning in Poker, aside for having Lady Luck on your side, is knowing when to stay and when to fold. In that sense it is advised to always be ready to make a concussion in Three Card Poker and lose some then to hit everything and stay empty handed.

Stay aware of the Ranking

Although dubbed a similar name, one should keep in mind that the hand ranking in Three Card Poker is not vis a vis with the more traditional rankings habitual with Vanilla Poker and other variants of the game. Straight Flush, as opposed to Royal Flush, is the first priority here, followed by Three of a kind, Straight, Flush and so on.