Three Card Poker Rules

3 Card Poker is played with a normal 52 card deck in online casinos. Normal Poker hands apply here:

Straight Flush – Three same suit cards in one sequence.

Three of a kind – Three equally ranked cards.

Straight – Three sequenced cards of mixed suits.

Flush – Three same suit cards.

Pair – Two equally ranked cards.

High Card (A,K,Q,J, 10-2).

Before the game begins players need to decide exactly on what will they place their bet:

Ante – The player's aim is to get a three card poker hand, with a total value higher than the dealer's hand.

Pair Plus – The player's aim is to get a three card poker hand with a pair or higher (with no regard whatsoever to the dealer's hand). There's also the possibility of betting both Ante and Pair Plus. Some online casinos demand players to make an Ante bet before they can bet on Pair Plus.

Once all bets are in place the dealer deals three face down cards to himself and to all players in the game. Players then, according to their hand, can decide if they wish to play or fold (forfeit their sum). A player who wishes to play has to put an amount equal to the ante he has placed before. Players who have placed a Pair Plus bet are not allowed to place a play wager.

After all bets are in place and all players decide if they play or fold, the dealer turns his or her cards face up. A Queen or higher is needed for the dealer to qualify. If that does not happen all play wagers are dismissed and Ante bets paid with even money.

If the dealer does qualify but a player's hand beats his hand, he is paid even money on his ante and play wagers. In case of the dealer's hand beating the players hand, the dealer collects both the player's ante and play wagers. There are some bonuses like the Ante Bonus for those with straight hands or higher, aligning with the value of the player's poker hand, with no connection to the dealer's hand. It will be paid according to the odds of the specific table. The order of hands in 3 Card Poker in online casinos is different than vanilla Poker, with Straight beating Flush and Three of a kind beating straight. This naturally happens because the game is played with only 3 cards.

Learn the ropes

Be aware of your payroll and set strict financial limits. Time limits are also recommended as 3 Card Poker can be quite addictive. If you are new to 3 Card Poker you should sharpen your skills in practice mode, practice modes are common in most online casinos.