Three Card Poker Odds

The house edge is anticipiated for three card poker wagers and come to about 3.37 for both play and ante bets...

Since there are just three cards used to play Three Card Poker and no cards to draw it is pretty simple to calculate the odds for this game. The process is one that is complicated to some extent due to the varying rates of payouts deployed by different casinos for Pair Plus and Ante Bonus wins.

The House Edge on an average that is anticipated for Three Card Poker Wagers comes to about 3.37% both for Play and Ante bets. The advantage for the House on bets that are Pair Plus tends to range from 2.32% and 7.28% depending on the type of payout schedule offered. Like other table games getting higher payouts for side bets leads to a better margin for the House overall.

If you take the above together you will find that there are about 22,100 unique and exclusive hand combinations that can be formed when a standard 52-card deck is used for randomly dealing with three cards. Among these cards there are only 48 cards that will result in the maximum possible combination or a Straight Flush. This means that there are only 52 ways to get Three-of-A-Kind and the odds obtained for the top two ranked hands are 0.22 percent and 0.24 percent respectively. There is only one other Premium hand that is eligible for an Ante Bonus or Straight and this can be formed in 720 ways having a 3.36% probability of occurrence.

Now if we take a glance at the two extra hands that are eligible for a Pair Plus payout a Flush is formed in 1096 ways. This should take place in about 4.96% of all the deals. It is found that any Pair has the likelihood of being handled for about 16.94% of the time that leads to about 3744 such hands being formed. From the above it has become obvious that these High Card hands tend to predominate and Players are expected to see a Ace high hand or a lower hand of about 74.39% of all the deals.

There is however another perspective to view these odds. It can be seen that over half of these deals are potential losers and they can only be rescued when the dealer’s hand fails to qualify. In such a case only the Ante bet refunds even money while the Play bet makes a push as if it has never been wagered as all.

It is seen that the Pair Plus Wager generally pays only even money for a pair that is far from a true odd of about 6 to -1. This means that the payouts for the other hands that are premium are very high to compensate. A pair Plus option that pays at least 4-to-1 for a Flush must be accompanied by payments that are 6-to-1 for a Straight, 30-to-1 for Three –of-a –Kind and 40-to1 for a straight flush. The above rates tend to bring the house edge to about 2.32 percent. These rates are competitive with games like roulette and blackjack!