Three Card Poker History

Three Card Poker was initially invented to satisfy women who wished to play moderately,since there is no betting on a continuous basis...

It is believed that Poker originated in the 16th Century with a unique Persian card game called Nas. This card game was further developed in Europe where it was known as “poque” in French and “Pochen” in German. The poker that we know today became popular in the USA in New Orleans around 1800. It was from here that Poker spread to the Western Frontier. This game appealed to those gold diggers who were looking for ways to make fast money as well as speculators. They were professional gamblers who regarded poker to be their sole occupation. 

With the passage of time Poker evolved and emerged into casinos. There it was regulated strictly and the methods of cheating professional gamblers resorted to in 1800s became taboo. Despite the extinction of these cheating methods poker remains the most popular of all these gambling games as it demanded memory, psychology and luck. With increasing popularity and the arrival of poker game tournaments in casinos, internet and on the television the game went on to be popular and today it is a well loved game in the gambling circuits.

Three card Poker is not a very old card game. It is believed to be derived from a British card game called 3-Card Brag. The rules of the game in Britain and America are not the same. There are stories that the name of three card poker was taken from an old con game known as the three card Monte or Find The Lady. However, the three card Monte was not a serious gambling game. It is a con game to swindle naïve players their money and it is an illegal game. However this name carries with it a specific reputation that increases the name of the three card poker.

Poker was initially considered to be a game for men and so the three card poker had been invented to satisfy women who wished to play dangerously however not too dangerously. In three card poker there is no betting done on a continuous basis. The bet that is let out against the dealer is done only once and then the money is paid out. This permitted ladies to play poker without them getting into very high stakes. 

With the passage of time this game became very popular with the ladies. With technological developments and the advent of the internet it became a popular online game. The popularity of this game hit internet casinos and three card poker became an integral part of it around 1990’s. All of a sudden there were thousands of people who discovered that Three Card Poker was so much fun to play with online. It gradually became a major source of entertainment for many. The news spread through word of mouth and more and more gamers began playing Three Card Poker on a regular basis. Both men and women played the game with equal enthusiasm. Today it is a popular card game and people in all nations play it with excitement and fervor.