The Volatility of Online Slots

Wild symbols multiplying payouts by two or three or sometimes even more times can result in large payouts per spin...

If you are a person who deals with the stock market, chances are you have heard about Volatility. And to be more specific for those that have no clue of this word and its meaning, I will go further and say that volatility is a term used to describe the period when stock prices fluctuate aggressively.

The stocks during this period are either very high and times when the stocks are very low. Volatility is also a term used in reference to online slot games and the meaning is also applied here as well.
Slot online games are made differently and there are machines that are designed in a way that they will pay out very high amounts in the short term and there are some designed in a way that they will pay low amounts in the short term.

The above different types of slot machines are commonly known as volatile slots. For the other different design of online slot games is the one which lacks volatility and pay out average values throughout. Although in the long term, volatile slots (high and low designs) start paying out average values since with time both high payouts and low payouts do cancel each other.

Thing is, a majority of players in online casinos always focus on the short term when wagering on slots games. Some players are never interested in average payouts they go ahead and use their bank rolls to try and win big and will not mind losing if they are subjected to losing.

These players are risk takers and they always target volatile online slots. There are players who do not like risk taking and prefer non-volatile slots. The only problem that arises from online slot games is that it is impossible to tell which slot game is volatile or not.

But this problem is well covered in the payout table which states clearly that it (payout table) only gives clues and ideas of the volatility. In order to determine the volatility slots always ensure you check the spread of the payouts for numerous symbols as you will be able to find out all about the volatility of the slot.
If you do find out that the range of the payout is greater then, you shall definitely know that the slot game is volatile. Thematic symbols usually carryout large payouts and the remaining symbols carryout low payouts. This means that each spin from the player will either rake in high or low amounts.

There are other online slot games that have their payouts concentrated close to a central value and if a player wins, he wins the small range bound average payouts.

Software developers increase volatility in numerous ways:

• Wild symbols multiplying payouts by two or three or sometimes even more times can result in large payouts per spin.

• Bonus games, whether the free spin types or the second screen types, are used to increase volatility.

NB: Typically online slots pay out for left to right alignment of symbols on paylines. In sporadic cases slots games are known to pay for right to left alignment as well. But whenever such features are introduced, the software providers level the field to ensure that the average return to player does not go up.