The Types of Keno Tickets

essentially a way bet is like having a number of regular bets on one card. Players can separate...

The game of Keno

Keno is a chance game very similar to Bingo or Lottery. Players simply need to predict which numbers will be drawn, up to fifteen numbers out of a draw of twenty numbers. Whilst the objectives of the game are very simple, the big appeal of Keno is the large variety of betting opportunities available to the Keno player. These are often referred to as betting tickets.

Standard ticket

Standard Keno straight tickets are very simple and involve choosing which numbers you think will be drawn from a maximum of fifteen numbers. The more numbers that are correctly predicted the higher the payout.

Way ticket

A way ticket is a way of increasing the number of possible winning chances for a single draw on only one ticket. essentially a way bet is like having a number of regular bets on one card. Players can separate their chosen numbers into 'groups'. For instance a 3x3x3 way ticket would be nine numbers separated into three 'groups' of numbers. This affectively gives the card holder three chances of winning on a single draw!  

Multi race ticket

This type of ticket allows players to use the same ticket and numbers consecutively for up to twenty games. The advantage of this type of ticket lies in the number of games that a single ticket is used. If it's your lucky day and your numbers come up many times in the twenty draws that your single ticket is valid for then the win can be substantial!