The Truth About Blackjack

When you keep track of the cards, you know only what's likely to come next among a set of options. You don't know for sure...

Myths about Blackjack: Get The Truth About Casino Blackjack Game: There are plenty of myths about Blackjack. Many players don't like the idea of losing their money and they don't want others to find out the real reasons why they failed.

The following are some of the most important and well known myths about Blackjack.

#1: Many want to believe that Blackjack is all about luck.

That's not the case at all. Consider playing slots. Slots is a game you play by pushing a button or by pulling a lever. Slots is based on luck but Blackjack can be influenced directly by your actions. Pulling a level when playing slots doesn't alter the fact that the figures that appear on the screen were chosen randomly.

#2: Counting cards doesn't predict the future.

Some like to believe that by keeping track of the cards they can know for sure what comes next. This is not true. When you keep track of the cards, you know only what's likely to come next among a set of options. You don't know for sure.

#3: Counting cards is not necessarily a recipe for success.

There are many other factors involved. Your state of mind matters. How well you can make rational decisions under pressure counts as well.

#4: Some believe that the house has the advantage.

That's false. The game is not biased against any player. The house tends to play more often and know all the tricks and this makes it more likely to win. It's all about practice, discipline and skill.

#5: A new player entering a game doesn't have better chances of success.

Most of the time, new players are fresher and tend to make fewer mistakes. This is why many players came up to believe that players that enter the game have an advantage.

#6: Some people believe that a win of the dealer is very often followed by a loss of the dealer.

The odds of winning each hand are equal. They are not biased towards any player. It's true that after the dealer wins many times in a row he will soon enough lose. That's because it's still a game of chance and winning a lot of consecutive hands doesn't happen very often.

#7: Some say that it's quite hard to play with a 4 to 6 cards in your hand.

That's quite true because the purpose of the game is to have a sum of 21. Statistically speaking, it's very unlikely for you to get only the small cards in your hand. Then if you get just 1 big card, it's very likely that the sum of your cards to be more than 21. Based on statistics and math, you can deduce that this myth is actually true. It's much easier to play when you have 1 or 2 cards in your hand than when you have 4 to 6 cards.

#8: Some people believe that luck can be constant and help them make money from Blackjack all the time.

That's not the case at all. Yes, you can win sometimes but not all the time. If you are a great chess player, you can beat a good chess player almost all
the time. That's because there's real skill involved. The level of luck in Blackjack destroys this dynamic.

#9: Players often think that their wins can be influenced by the amount they bet.

The actual act of betting money was created so casinos could exist and prosper. The money involved also attracts players.

Blackjack can be played both with money on the table or without. The rules of the game and the actual games aren't influenced by the amount of money bet.

Be aware of the above myths about Blackjack and avoid them. Believing in them will certainly make you lose money and enjoy less the game.