Texas Hold'em Betting Types

There's a variety of bets in Texas Holdem starting defensive bets and up to bluffing or semi bluffing bets...

When to Bet: In the popular Texas Holem game there are a series of betting rounds. The first round is after each player is dealt their two card, face down hand. The next is after the dealer lays down the 3 community cards know as the “flop.” The fourth community card revealed , called the turn, and the fifth dubbed, “the river,” also are proceeded with bets.

Types of Texas Holdem:

  • Fixed Limit Texas Holdem is where there is only a limited amount of money to be bet.
  • Pot Limit Texas Holdem is played by the pot being the current betting limit. As the pot grows, so does the betting limit.
  • No Limit Texas Holdem is played with absolutely no betting limitations.

Types of Bets:

Value Bets are bets designed to determine the worth of your opponents’ hand.
Placing this bet is having your opponent determine is their hand is worth your betting amount, and then having them place the bet. This is a crucial, strategic move in betting.

Bluffing is faking a value bet. The best bluff is betting just slightly about the ideal value bet.

Semi-Bluffing is where you get the biggest response. It is betting when your current hand is not strong, but probable of being so.

A Control Bet occurs by most players when a pot is already large enough, and betting remains small because of the recognized potential payout.

Defensive Bets are also known as “blocking bets” which happen before the flop.

This type of bet should be large enough that other players will not attempt to bluff and match. When a significant raise has occurred after this action, it would be wise to let your cards loose.