Sports Betting Glossary

Sports Betting Glossary Terms

Accumulator - A multiple bet wherein bettors make concurrent selections on several events. They use their first winnings as the bet on the subsequent event.

Ante post - Bets placed prior to a future event to predict the outcome of the event.

Betting line - A list or bulletin of upcoming games, including their point spreads.

Bookie - A diminutive for "bookmaker" or one who accepts bets.

Even money - A bet with a 1:1 odds.

Fixed game - A game whose results have been tampered with.

Fixed odds - The odds at the time you placed your bet is unchangeable, even when conditions fluctuate.

Handicap - A system used by bookmakers to make a betting proposition more attractive; also known as "spread".

In the money - A description of race horses that finish in the top three or four positions.

Limit - Minimum or maximum amount that a sports bettor can gamble.

Long odds - Odds given to a likely-to-lose competitor.

Margin - By how much an event participant finishes ahead of the next competitor.

Sports book - An individual, website, or establishment that accepts bets.

Tips - An expert's selections or predictions of a betting event; also known as "picks".