Special Keno Bets

Unlike straight bets where the player has to have all the winning numbers...

Whilst the objectives of the game of Keno are very simple and are similar to it's Bingo and Lottery cousins, Keno really excels in the number of betting opportunities that are offered. The basic idea behind Keno is to correctly predict which numbers will be drawn (up to fifteen numbers) out of a draw of twenty numbers. However, the type of bet chosen for each draw will be the deciding factor in how much a successful prediction pays out. 

Straight Keno bets 

This type of bet is the most straightforward bet and very simple in comparison to the more exotic Keno bets available. This bet ticket allows a player to choose up to fifteen numbers out of a draw of twenty. Most players will place between four to nine numbers. Anything lower than this gives the house to high an advantage and payout is very low. Any higher than nine numbers and your chance of hitting the correct drawn numbers significantly reduces. 

Way bets

Way bets allow have an advantage over sinple straight bets in that it is not an all or nothing affair! Unlike straight bets where the player has to have all the winning numbers they predicted hit in order to receive a payout, way bets offer partial money back according to the number of predicted numbers rolled out in chosen 'groups' of numbers.

Way bets allow for players to choose a certain amount of numbers and then place them into 'groups'. For instance a 3x3x3 way bet would be nine chosen numbers placed into three winning opportunities on the same card. The more 'groups' of numbers that are drawn the more the player stands to gain. Basically, way bets allow for multiple wins on one card.

Multi race bet

The advantage of this type of ticket lies in the number of games that a single ticket is used. In Multi race bets, your single ticket can be used in up to twenty draws. If it's your lucky day and your numbers come up many times in the twenty draws that your single ticket is valid for, then the win can be substantial. The chosen numbers however are not changeable and winnings will be determined only after the full twenty draws are complete.