A very popular way to enjoy slots is through online tournaments. Slot tournaments differ in the way they are set up yet basic principles...

Slot Machines comes in many shapes and colors, same is true about the online slots version. here you will find an overview of the game, tips, strategy, guides and articles. Slot machines today are extremely popular due to the exciting nature of the games and the fantastic jackpots that lucky players can win.


Added to the already thrilling nature of slots to the sparkle and glamour of playing at an online casino, it is obvious why these machines have such an allure to so many people. Since the inception of online casinos in the mid 1990's, hundreds of millions of dollars have been won, mostly on online slots. There is in fact no other casino game in existence today that will pay a lucky player millions of dollars in jackpot money for a lucky spin of the reel.

Odds and Random Number Generator (RNG)

At the heart of any modern online slot machine is basically a computer. The RNG is programmed into the CPU of the computer and guarentees a random result every time the lever or button is used to cause the slots reels to spin.

The actual algorithm used for payouts is complicated but basically the machine produces a string of long random numbers even when the machine is not in use. These numbers are then assigned to each slot position and subsequent payouts for wining reel combinations. less valuable reel positions are assigned more numbers for that reel position meaning more regualr wins. Higher value reel positions are assigned less numbers to that particular reel combination and thus the chances of winning are reduced such is the case with jackpots.

Online Slot tournaments

A very popular way to enjoy slots is through online tournaments. Slot tournaments differ in the way they are set up. A popular example is that players will need to opt in to an online tournament by paying a small fee or may be awarded for free to online VIP members as a membership privilege. Players will then be given a set amount in order to start spinning.

The player that is the last standing or has won the most money will receive a fixed cash prize. Other competition types include cash prizes and rewards that are given to players who wager the most within a limited period of time. Online Slots tournaments are a very fun way of gaining more prizes out of your time spent playing your favourite slots.

A game of chance

It's important to remember that unlike skill games such as Poker, slots really are a game of chance and as such your chances of hitting that lucky reel combination is really due to lady luck! Whilst many may claim that they have the wining formula, the fact is that nobody unless they have somehow manipulated the slot machine can hit the jackpot upon will.

The main thing is to have fun and if it's your lucky day, you may walk away millions of dollars richer than when you entered your first coin!