Slots Glossary

Slots Glossary Terms

Basic slots - A casino game played on a machine that has a straight and simple payout system. In online slots, the game is programmed to constantly select a random set of numbers.

Bet max - The maximum amount of credits that players can bet per spin on a slot machine.

Cashback - Another term for rewards or comps given to attract slots players.

Classic slot - Another name for traditional slots. This has three reels and may include wild and scatter symbols and multiple paylines.

Free spins - Free games - usually rewarded as a prize after a bonus round or when specific symbols are revealed - where any credits won can be kept.

Jackpot - The highest prize or maximum payout from a slot machine.

Line bet - Paylines that are triggered (usually through max bets being played) on multiple payline slot machines.

Multiplier - This symbol compounds bets by a specified amount. Players may win multipliers in bonus rounds or apply them to free spin wins.

Reels - Metal bands on which slot machine symbols are shown.

RNG - The Random Number Generator software program generates the number that matches the winning or no-winning sequence of symbols on the payline.

Symbols - Fun characters - like fruits, bells, hearts or diamonds - that are displayed on the slot machine's reel.

Video slots - Slot machines without physical reels. Instead, it is a computer screen operated by a computer program.

Virtual reel - A technology that allows the RNG to generate more non-winning than winning combinations, offering larger jackpots by decreasing the odds of winning.