Slot Machine Odds

Playing the three reel slot machines can be pretty exciting when you get a jackpot, but the five reel machines can give you the excitement of bonus games and even free spins...

There is a wide variety of slot machines in the many casinos online, and two of the most common ones are five reel slots and three reel slots. The one that get the most play from people who play online casino games however, is the five reel slot machine. Both types of video slot machines are quite fun to play regardless of the type, and they are both categorized together under the general heading of slot machines. Many people in the online community refer to them as video slots, or reel spinners, and although they are categorized the same, they do both differ a bit in their functions.

How Reel Slot Machines Function

Reel slots are the type of slot machines that you commonly see in the old movies with the wheels that spin. They all have some type of pictures on the reels, and that is going to be based on the theme of the particular slot machine. Most commonly you will see them with fruits, but other objects are frequently used as well.

Most typically reel slots are going to have three pay lines, but there could be more depending on the machine. When you are playing slots, you should bet the maximum amount of coins in order to trigger the maximum amount of pay lines. Many of the five reel slot machines are going to have up to nine pay lines, which means that in order to trigger each one of them you have to use a minimum of nine coins. The video slot machines kind of appear like they have actual reels, but in reality they're just virtual. It's pretty much just a video that does the spinning, and there's nothing real to it.

Three Reel Slot Machines

There isn't anything to playing three reel slots, as all you have to do is put in the coin and hit spin and off it goes. Some of the three reel slot machines have five different pay lines including three that are horizontal and two that are diagonal, and in order to get all of those pay lines, you have to bet the maximum. Since there are fewer reels on three reel slot machine, you're going to have less of a chance of winning, but the main advantage is that it only takes one coin to actually spin the machine.

Some of the drawbacks that three reel slots have is the fact that they don't often come up winners, and since there are fewer wheels spinning, spins can take place with a lot more rapidity. One needs to pay attention to what they're doing on one of these machines since it's easy to spin the wheel as many as 500 times in an hour.

Five Reel Slot Machines

There's really nothing at all playing five reel slots either, as you don't need any type of strategy or planning since it's all random. The bets can be as low as one cent on most of the machines, and there is a wide variety of different themes and machines with special bonuses that you can select from. Bonus rounds tend to take a little bit more time since the players can make all of their own decisions during the play relating to their bet amounts. You'll always have better chances of winning however if you bet more since you will get multiple pay lines.

Five reel slots aren't all good however, and there are some drawbacks. It can be kind of confusing as far as the pay lines go as they often appear in zigzags, and it's difficult to know when you have actually won on the spin. This can make it difficult to judge how far ahead or how far you are behind with your winnings.

Which to Choose

When it comes down to it, you're just going have to make your own decisions on which type you like. Playing the three reel slot machines can be pretty exciting when you get a jackpot, but the five reel machines can give you the excitement of bonus games and even free spins. You're the one sticking the corn in the machine, so it's entirely up to you. If you are into something new, and have never played five reel slots, then it can be concluded that the five reel machines are going to be a lot more interesting compared to the three reel machines.