Sic Bo

The payouts from a game of sick bo can be extremely high and players may bet on as many different combinations as they wish...

Sic Bo is a popular asian game. If you've just mastered Craps, the much loved two dice game, then you should try your luck at a game of Sic Bo, which uses Three. The game of Sic Bo actually originates from an ancient Chinese game which is still quite popular in South East Asia. The Payouts from a game of Sic Bo can be very, very high. 

How Sic Bo works

The options for betting at Sic Bo originate from several different combinations which players can achieve with three dice. All wagers and payouts are reproduced on the table and players may wage on as many different dice combinations as they wish in any one game. The dice is shaken only after all bets have been made by the players- no bets are accepted after the dice has started shaking. After which, the result is displayed from all three dice.

How to bet

As with any games involving dice, players have many different ways that they can bet. In Sic Bo, there are 8 varieties.

1- A player can bet on one number, which is called three of a kind,

2- or bet on one number which must appear on two which is referred to as two of a kind,

3- you can bet that any number will appear three times on the dice which is referred to as any three of a kind

4 & 5- you can also play 'small' or 'big'

6- there is also a separate area where players can bet on what they think the total could be, the payouts vary depending on the likelihood of the numbers.

7- One of a kind- where a player bets that a single number will appear on one, two or even all three dice.

8- Duo, when a player bets on 2 numbers appearing on any single dice.

Any player who likes dice should love Sic Bo!