Sic Bo Strategy

The Combination bet is relatively easy to understand and therefore a great strategy for beginners in Sic Bo....

Sic Bo is a relatively uncomplicated dice game. Due to the fact that there are three dice involved in the game there are many different varieties and ways to win, each with a different level of complexity. Here are different strategies and ways to win at Sic Bo.

Small and Big - best for beginners

The Small and Big, is a relatively low-risk strategy and is where a player places bets on either Small or Big for a fixed number of rolls.

The Combination bet

This bet has a very low house edge (2.77%) and as it is often not noted as being a major strategy in the game of Sic Bo, it could be the proverbial rabbit you could pull out your hat. In this particular strategy the odds are around 6 to 1 with the payout also being 6 to 1, it's relatively easy to understand and is a great beginners strategy for Sic Bo.

More experienced

Use 8, 9, 12, 13 and doubles and try to find a way to win in the same spin.

Remember, it's impossible for a bet on an 8 to include the numbers 4,5 or 6 because any winning total would always be more than but could include a double 1, 2, or 3.

As with anything, with Sic Bo, always familiarize yourself with the easier, less complicated and then more on to riskier bets.