Sic Bo Rules

In Sic Bo players can bet at many times as they want on a single role and both their wagers will be paid out in full...

Sic Bo is a three dice game which has been popular for many hundreds of years. Although not particularly complicated in nature, it is a game of luck and skill with a few simple rules to follow.

The importance of placing bets at the correct time

When playing online Sic Bo, you must remember to place your bet before the dice have started rolling. Bets are not accepted after that point.

No online casino will correct misplaced bets after the dice have already been rolled. If your not keeping track of what's going on around you, you could have the perfect bet in your head but unfortunately, if you do not bet at the correct moment- that is where the bet will stay, in your head and not in your pocket! 

Limitations on Bets

In Sic Bo, players can bet as many times as they like on a single roll. If you are indeed correct on both counts, both of your wagers will be paid out at the correct ratios, which will be a very nice payout.

Dice Differences

In some places, there might be different variations on the dices which are used. Some online casinos offer variations on the dice used in Sic Bo. For example, some casinos will use regular dice, where some may use dice with pictures or symbols on it. Many casinos pay tribute to Sic Bo's ancient Chinese heritage and use ancient Chinese symbols on their dice- be sure to clue up on whether or not the casino is using a regular dice or a dice with symbols so that you don't make a bet that you didn't intend.