Scratch Cards Strategy

Unlike other popular games in Online Casinos like Blackjack, Poker and Craps, there is really no way to try and outsmart the system when you're playing Scratch Cards. In the end it all boils down to scratching. However, like in most things in life, there are things you can do good and some you can do better, if you are armed with the right advice and knowledge. It is the aim of this article to provide some strategies in order to help you fare better with your scratches, all the while preserving your payroll.


This might sound funny; what is to practice, you might ask, with Scratch Cards? All you do is, seemingly, is to scratch. While this is true, it is still highly recommended to try out Scratch Cards in free mode before putting your money on it. The logic behind it is that you should be aware and learned about anything you do, before you do it for the first time. It goes as far as avoiding the risk of somehow clumsily betting your money in vain. Don't do it. Dedicate a few minutes to see what it's all about.

High Jackpots, low wins

Jackpots, who doesn't like the way this word rolls on the lips? In our imagination we swim in pools of gold. But reality is a tad different. With Scratch Cards offering high, even huge jackpots, the chances you'll win are very slim. It's an equation: the higher the jackpot, the lower the probability of you winning. Be careful not to skyrocket yourself to fantasies about imagined coin pools and stay in touch with reality; play Realistic Scratch Cards with reasonable payouts. If you play cheap cards, you play more. Win some, lose some, do it for fun. It's much better than losing everything at once, that's for sure.

Set limits

This is basic, but it is something really easy to forget – before the scratching commences, set yourself very clear and strict limits, a specific amount or time. If you're on a roll, stop, you'll just lose everything you've earned. Rejoice with your earnings and go drink a cold beverage.

Promotions – use them

It's simple, the Online Casino offers them, you use them. Many Online Casinos offer promotions in which Scratch Cards are included, things like allocations of money to be spent on specific Scratch Cards. It'll be a waste not to use them.