Scratch Cards Rules

Popularized throughout the 70's and 80's, Scratch Cards have rightfully bought themselves a special place of honor among professional and amateur gamblers alike. Having made the transition to Online Casinos and to the Online Gambling scene in general, Scratch Cards have naturally become more sophisticated, demanding more attention to the smallest of details. This article will discuss some basic Rules one should take to heart when playing Online Scratch Cards.

Generally, Scratch Cards have you scratching a set number of scratchable portions, usually three, and according to the symbols unveiled, you determine if you have won. The scratching itself in Online Scratch Cards is sometimes carried out by the player himself and sometimes automatically by the system. In some instances, to enhance the authentic feeling, you are given the option to control the speed of the scratch by moving your mouse or hitting the arrow keys on your keyboard. The plus side here is that you don't have to dig up a long lost coin in your pocket or, even worse, get your finger nails dirty.

There are various prizes offered in Online Scratch cards. Sometimes there are cash prizes, and sometimes there are things like Vacations, gadgets, and other goodies. Sometimes you win an additional Scratch Card, and sometimes you turn out empty handed. Some cards have symbols like 5X, 10X, etc, which mean the player has won the amount he has wagered X the times mentioned. It is always advised to go for the Lower Ranked Scratch Cards, since the winning odds are larger and in general Scratch Cards are not the right place for you to look for Jackpots.

Different Scratch Cards have different odds and probabilities, today it is common for Scratch Cards operators to give players information regarding whether the grand jackpots were already won by other players, thus preventing scratchers from scratching the cards unless they want to take a risk and perhaps win the other offerings the Scratch Card has to offer.

Most Online Scratch Cards let you choose the sizes of the chips with which you are betting, in games where the system automatically scratches the portions for you there is sometimes no option at all to decide the order of the scratch, and some players find utmost importance in that – so if you're one of them, carefully inspect the operation of the Scratch Card before giving away your money.

Luck is everything in Scratch Cards, there are no strategies here whatsoever. Stevie Wonder would probably call this Superstition. As mentioned before, the equation is that the higher the jackpot and prizes, the lower your odds of getting them. Practice moderation when you're playing Scratch Cards and set yourself very clear limits.