Scratch Cards Odds

Unlike other popular games widely played in Online Casinos like Poker, Blackjack, Keno or Craps, providing precise odds presented in exact numerals, not so is the case with Scratch Cards. Yet, there are things of substance to know and internalize with all that has to do with Scratch Card odds, because, intrinsically, these cards are all about the odds. This article aims to help you, the scratcher, to become more studied with how Scratch Cards work and how the odds can work in your favor.

Understanding Scratch Card Odds

Like in all other Casino and Luck games and things in life in general, there are odds to everything, and this applies to Scratch Cards too; these usually have fixed odds - almost like an exact science, Scratch Card companies flaunt slogans like "one in three". Fixed odds are 100% definite, because a set number of winners and/or wins were specified beforehand. This means that if one person scratched all cards from one specific series, he could probably pamper himself with a very nice vacation in Monaco. Of course, this does not usually happen, but the downside, if we take heed of this interesting calculation, is that if somebody, or a few people, have already won the Jackpots on the Scratch Card, then it is quite safe to presume you'll win nothing, or at least not the longed for Jackpot. However it is a common practice for sites specializing in Online Scratch cards, and also real life Scratch Card operators, to supply information to players as to if Jackpots and how many were already won.

The higher the Payout, the lower the odds

This is a rule applying to a lot of Casino and Luck games. If you can gain more money from it, most chances are that the odds of you winning that money are smaller. Up goes the payout; down goes the odd, it's just as simple as that. This is why Scratch Card scratchers are always advised, as a rule of thumb, to go for the lower Cards. This keeps the fun inside and the heartbreak outside. A major part of Scratch Cards is the thrill of the scratch itself; the big amounts are to be made in other games. Therefore we conclude: if you want high odds, get low Scratch Cards. Look for other, better sources, with clearer odds, if you are on the lookout for Jackpots.