Rummy is similar to traditional card games but more players can engage in it with no hassle...

Rummy has a long history for hundreds of years and it is a popular card game in every part of the world. It can also be considered as one of the most popular card games in the present world. The game comes with a wide range of variations and that is another reason for its popularity. The characteristics of Rummy are similar to a traditional card game, which is also known as a type of ‘draw and discard’ games. Normally two and four players engage in Rummy, but even more players can engage in it with less hassle. The main objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards of a player throughout a series of rounds.

In Rummy, a turn consists of two actions as picking up a card and discarding a card at the end of the turn. A player can pick a card from the deck or he can pick a card that was discarded by the previous player. When it comes to discarding, the player will choose the card with the least value to their hand or high value cards in terms of penalty points.

All these points will be calculated at the end of the game and the winner will be selected. When the player is receiving the cards in each round, the player should decide about its usability. He should keep a single card on his hand to complete a turn. Three consecutive cards from the same suit are needed for a run. A set will consist of at least three cards with the same value. The first player to finish the set of cards in his hand wins the game. The opponents who are left with the cards are penalized according to the cumulative value of those cards.

Different versions of Rummy can be seen and the traditional rummy will end after one or three rounds. Different countries of the world play different versions of Rummy. For example, Rummy is known as Ramino, Remi, Rummikup, Romme 500 or Romme in the European countries. The North American countries including America call it as Oklahoma gin or Gin Rummy. Rummy is known as Burraco, Conquain or Canasta in South American countries.

Tonk is the popular version of rummy in Australia and New Zealand. The far eastern countries call it by the popular term Mahjong. The main objective of all these variations is same, but the methods slightly differ from each other. The game is easy to learn and any person can understand the rules and engage in it with less hassle.