Rummy Tips

If you feel that your Rummy playing skills are shot and you want to win a few games in your next sessions. Here are a few helpful tips if you want to start playing like a true professional Rummy player.

How To Win in Rummy

• What can save you in Rummy is a pure sequence. By making sure that you have one, you will not be left with the total of all your cards in your hand when your challenger declares at any point. Always be on the lookout on how your opponent is playing by tracking the cards that he picks and throws away. This will help you determine what cards to keep and what cards to dispose of. It is always a big risk to keep cards with high points so make sure you get rid of them early on in the game.

• Some people think that a pure sequence should not go beyond 3 cards which are untrue. You can create a sequence composed of 4 cards. In order to maximize your combination-forming potentials, always go for middle cards. A 6 card of any suit can form combinations of either 2, 5, 6 or 6, 7, 8. Extreme cards like an Ace or a King leaves you with only a single combination option.

• More Jokers means more opportunities to win. Jokers always offer the chance to form any type of combination especially if you just need a single card to complete one. You can use the Jokers as fillers to finish a second sequence. However, refrain from using Jokers in pure sequences because you will only be wasting them. Use them smartly by placing them high points cards in order to dispose of them fast.

• Never waste time waiting for the exact cards to appear. Keep to alternate cards and two consecutive cards. For instance, if you 8 ♥ and 10 ♥ and you are just waiting for the 9 ♥ in order to complete a pure sequence, get rid of the 10 ♥ as soon as you hit a 7 ♥. This move entails two advantages: First, you can create a pure sequence once you draw the 9 ♥ or 6 ♥. At the same time, you can bluff your opponent and he may throw out the 9 ♥ if it is with him.

• In order to minimize confusion, you may want to arrange your cards alternately by placing a red suit beside a black and so on. This will help you avoid discarding valuable cards by error.

• If you have an idle card that is of no immediate use, find ways to get rid of them instantly. For instance, if the last of the cards left with you are 5 ♣ 4 ♥ and 4 ♠ and you are able to draw a 5 ♠, discard the 4 ♥ and keep the 5 ♠. This boosts the number of your declaring opportunities.

Win in Rummy

As was already mentioned, winning Rummy is based on a player’s ability to correctly assume your opponent’s cards based on his actions. Knowing how your opponent would react will help you trick him into disclosing his moves or miscalculating yours.