Rummy Strategy

Simple and fun, captivating and easy to learn, Rummy has rightfully bought itself a place of honor in Online Casinos. This player favorite is usually to be found in the "Specialty Games" sections in Online Casinos. The aim of this article is to provide you with necessary strategies and tips in order to become a better Rummy player.

Discarding is everything

With Rummy, a rule of thumb you should always keep with you is that discarding is everything. There's a common tendency by players to belittle this very important pile. You should always keep the Discard pile as an established strategy in your game. There's of course a downside to picking up these cards, as other players can see them, but this is risk is not as stark as playing a weak hand and losing. Of course, an upside is that you can take a glance on the discards your opponents pick. Some players employ a discard strategy in which they pick up a large number of discards in a short period of time, thus confusing their fellow players.


You should strive to discard your deadwood cards with the highest ranking. If you see that you are losing your top priority should be the discharge of your stronger cards, even if that means a meld, the logic here is to get as less penalty points as possible. Once you know you are not winning the game and that it is drawing to a close, treat your High cards as if they were dirty bombs.

Observe your opponents

Sun Tzu's quote about knowing your enemy before going to battle was not eternalized in vain. This applies to many competitive card games, and it does so to Rummy too. See how your opponent deals with his melds, does he combine discards, does he hold their cards next to his chest or is he impatient, shooting out anything that seems valuable without conserving? Also, as we have seen with Discarding, try seeing which card your Opponent picked up from the Discard pile.

Be unexpected

Change your playing style; do not always stick to the same routine. Keep in mind that as you will read the style of other players, they will read your style too. Don't always arrange your cards in the same order, don't always use the same melds, be creative and surprise your foes. They'll never know what hit 'em!