Roulette Rules

When players decide to bet red or black, even or odd, or low or high, these are considered break even bets...

Betting rules for the game of roulette involve odds. The amount of numbers that a player bets on determines the possible winning multiples of the bet. Note that the highest paid bet is one that is placed on only one number. This is otherwise known as a straight up bets, with a payout of 35 to 1.

There are many ways to bet In roulette games online and at real-life Vegas style casinos. As mentioned, the most profitable betting selection is the Straight Up bet on one number. players can also place.

Split bets on 2 numbers, Street bets on 3 numbers, and corner bets on 4 numbers. There is even an option to place a bet on 5 number selections. Those are but a few of the many betting options available to players in all variants of roulette. Other options available include a Line bet on two Streets. 

There are also Column bets, and bets on 12 numbers called a Dozen bet. The break even possibility comes into play if you bet on red or black, even or odd, and high or low numbers.  The break even is for new players who just want to get their toes wet before they jump into the pool.

Understanding Straight up Bets in Roulette

Betting Straight Up on 1 number is the highest paid wager. If you win, you will receive 35 times the value of your wager. To bet Straight Up you simply place the chip on the number that you have chosen. If that number lands, you're in the money regardless of how many other players been on the same number.

Placing Split Bets

With a Split bet, you’re betting on 2 numbers. Place a chip on the line between the 2 numbers. The winner will receive 17 times the value of the bet. 

Street Bets Explained

Betting on a row of 3 numbers will give you a Street bet. If you place a chip on the roulette table boundary line at the end of the row you’re betting, you’ve made a Street bet. The winner will instantly pocket 11 times the amount of the wager. 

Playing the Corner Bet Selections

For those players who are a little more conservative, there are corner bets. This type of bet is placed on 4 numbers by placing one's chips on the corner intersection of those 4 numbers. You’ll get 8 times the value of your bet if you win. 

Five Bets Uncovered

The Five bet involves the 0 and 00.  The line between 0 and the first row meets a boundary line. If you place your chip at that intersection, you will have a Five bet: 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The winner will take 6 times the wager.

Line Bets Explained

If you bet on two Streets, you’ll make a Line bet. Place your chip on the boundary line at the intersection of the line between each Street. The winning take will be 5 to 1.

Column Bets and Dozen Bets

Column bets yield 2 to 1 and are made by placing your chips at the bottom of the chosen column in a 2 to 1 box. 0 and 00 are not included in column bets. The winner of a Dozen bet also receives double the wager. There are three boxes: 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. The Dozen bet is made by placing a chip in one of those three boxes.

Break Even Betting Options

When players decide to bet red or black, even or odd, or low or high, these are considered break even bets. Players place their chips in a box along the long side of the roulette table. Not included in this bet are 0 and 00. If you win, your wager is returned to you.