Red Dog Poker

Red Dog game is somewhat hard to find in land based casinos but it is available in many online casinos...

In ground based casino, Red Dog is very popular. It is a chance game. They sometimes called it as Yablon or Red Dog Poker and more likely with acey- deucey. The deck may increase up to 8 decks which lead to other opponent to have lesser chance of house benefit. It is far different from Blackjack card games.

Basic Rules in playing Red Dog

  • There are only 3 cards that must be used in every round. It has the same value with the Poker, which is the ace as the highest.
  • Players must place a bet before the cards is released. If the bet is finished, the dealer will put the two cards face up. If it is successive, players may get their bets. If it has the similar value, dealer must face up he third card and if it is still the same it will be 11 is to 1.
  • If the dissimilarity of the two cards is higher, spread will be announced and players can raised their bets. The third will be now seen to tell if it is drop amid the increase or not.
  • If the third card is in a row, the player win or if not he/ she losses the bet.
  • Players only depend on the luck, no special skill is included. He or she must think carefully where to put the bet to gain more money.
  • This game is too risky, the more bet you give the more chances of winning but in case you place your bet in a wrong place the more losses you get.

Red Dog Helpful Tips
It is not a hundred percent winning game, so you should think and understand the game before playing a big bet. It is highly recommended that you should place big bet only if you are confident and thinks that the game is in favor for you.

Red Dog game is hard to find in ground casinos but it is also available in online casino, the only difference is that you just play it just for fun not to gain income.