Red Dog Poker Strategy

Players who wish to enjoy simple card game with out deep strategic decision-making...

Red Dog Poker is not so much a game of traditional strategy but a game of odds. When six 52 card decks are used, the house edge is approximately 2.79%.

The more decks that are used in Red Dog Poker, the greater the advantage to the player. This is counter-intuitive because most games, the more decks there are, the greater the casino edge.

Although there is some strategy that is required for Red Dog Poker, there are better games for those who want to use strategy to reduce the casino edge. Red Dog Poker is a great game for players who want a casual card game that requires only a simple strategy.

Red Dog Simple Strategy

The only decision that players need to make in Red Dog Poker is whether to place a bet when the spread is known.

The odds on small spreads can be enticing but they are not in sync with the probabilities to win.

If the spread is less than 7, it is not worth it to increase the bet. If a lower spread wins, the winnings are paid with favorable odds. The strategy of Red Dog Poker depending on understanding to correct time to raise the bet and the correct time to minimize the risk – similar to the decision to double down or not in blackjack. Red Dog Poker is not a game that is dominated by strategy.

For players who want to play a game that requires strategic decision-making, they may prefer pai gow poker or blackjack. Players who wish to enjoy a simple game without the need to change the bet amount will find that Red Dog Poker is the perfect game for them.